Product Warranty

Our warranty covers products during the season they were introduced (September 1st - May 1st)

Warranty replace thetrainpark mittens Ropelife 1.0

Our company serves as a way to help riders and local parks simultaneously. It’s fun, it’s satisfying, and everybody wins as long as you’re happy with what we produce.  The warranty is simple:

  • Free Replacement for material or worksmanship defects.
  • Pro-rated Replacement for any other failure.

The process is easy. Fill out the Warranty Form below, we’ll email you a claim number – send us your broken product with that number and we’ll replace it.

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What exactly is covered?

The rope wins every time; that’s life in the park industry. Eventually, everything will wear out or fall apart. We simply can’t afford to replace every product that wears out, so we focus on genuine error on the manufacturing end.

Things we can’t cover are damage from poor care, excessive sliding on the rope, scissors, smokey burnouts with your car, all the things that reasonably responsible riders would avoid.

For what reason did the item fail? Be reasonable with us, and we’ll return the favor. In the end, it’s up to our team’s discretion. We ride every day, you could say we know the ropes.

Warranty Claim

Fill this guy out, and you'll hear from us (usually) within 24 hours.

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