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Spring clear out!

The all-new 18/19 coldlaps are the new best dedicated ropetow mitts in the world. 

We love keeping the same pair of mitts all year. These mitts have split leather on the palm, with rubber coating ON TOP OF the split leather palm so they’ll last forever. Crazy.

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The 18/19 Cold Lap.

The 17/18 season was a blast. We got a lot of love about the new mitt design, and had less than 25% the amount of failures from the first year. That’s pretty rad all by itself, and improvement makes the world spin, so we can slide fast and eat cheese.

The major changes for 18/19 meant, #1: a looser wrist, so the glove is easier to put on. And #2: split leather underneath the rubber coating. At the same time we united the patches (in love) to bring the sewing cost back down. High fives all around!

The same sweater cuff, same pigskin, bigger neoprene knuckle, and better pattern make this glove fit so well you might forget the rest of your clothes.

What does all that get you?


  • Full rubber palm on split leather – even MORE tons of grip on indestructo material.
  • Overlapping pattern – still protects the seams.
  • Soft insulation – just try to find somebody who had cold hands in these mitts.
  • Pigskin shell – stays soft when it dries and handles rope wear well.
  • Chairlift bands – we still love them.

We made these for the ropetow, then tweaked them to be a bit more comfortable and useable for a quick snowmobile ride, ice sculpting, all the usual mom & pop type stuff.

Try them. You’ll like them, and your friends will like them, and your mom will be happy.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in

L, M, S, XL


Black, Tan

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