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Private Jam at Mount Ski Gull

Matt Krohn boosting at Mount Ski Gull

Mt Ski Gull. (It’s by Brainerd)

Like most of us, you probably never heard of it – but this place is amazing. It’s a nonprofit ski hill with a long, wide, medium-grade park, a crazy fast rope tow, lots of trees to cut the wind, and a constant whisp of woodsmoke. It absolutely made our day.

Mount Your Own Ski Bindings

I’ve mounted bindings on every pair of skis I’ve owned since 2005. Every year I have a few people ask me for help mounting their bindings. Rather than write my process out several times a month, I’m going to record it here. Use it if you want to risk ruining your skis, this is on you.

Save Your Car From Rust


This might not seem like it’s at all related to the action sports I love, but it’s how I get to and from the places.

The Right Way to Ride the Rope Tow


You want your gloves to last all season. So do we. That’s the reason we made gloves in the first place, but it’s easy to ride smart, no matter how good you are.

How to Detune your Ski or Snowboard Edges


What is detuning? It’s the opposite of tuning – rather than sharpening their edges, park riders like to dull them. This makes it more difficult to carve turns, but the alternative is catching an edge on a feature and dying.

Build a PVC Rail


A flat PVC rail is cheap, easy to build, and absolutely great for learning. Everyone with a backyard setup usually starts with one of these, then evolves to kinks, elbows, drops, and even curved rails. Let’s walk through building a 12-foot flat rail.