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Stay toasty without worrying about slipping on the rope; the coldlaps are the best dedicated ropetow mitts in the world, with double wear layers. Wear through that rubber and BAM you got another wear layer underneath.


  • Crazy warm cotton liner
  • Durable pigskin shell
  • Welding leather wear patch
  • Overlapping grippy palm
  • Chairlift bands
  • Full Season Warranty
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The Cold Lap.

We spent the 2016-17 year glueing and stitching stuff to the old Ropelife mitts, and found a certain leather that took a beating but never wore through. We cut a new pattern to fit this new patch, sent it to the factory, and the samples were amazing – after some further tweaking and simplifying, we developed a pattern that wasted less material, cost less, and fit like a glove.

Everything we learned from the Ropelife and feedback from the people rocking them gave us a huge leg up in the glove world. A tight, form-fitting pattern broken by a neoprene knuckle to flex while the glove stays snug on your hand. A longer sweater cuff, stretchier wrist, and slightly adjusted fingers.

What does all that get you?


  • Full rubber palm – tons of grip. tons.
  • Overlapping pattern – protects the seams.
  • Soft insulation – a cloud of warmth, like holding your hands in warm jello. mmm
  • Pigskin shell – stays soft when it dries, takes abuse, loves it.
  • Chairlift bands – they’re awesome.

Our glove sizing is pretty straight forward. Measure your hand while holding it like you’re drawing a face on your palm. Pretend. Right now.

We intend these gloves to be used on the rope, so they should feel like they’re well-tailored, to reduce the twisting that looser gloves do. Your¬†thumb and fingers will be fairly close to the ends, but not jammed.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 1 in

S/M, M/L, L/XL


Tan, Black

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